Best Udemy Blockchain Course Ethereum & Solidity Developer’s Guide

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This tutorial promises to be the best online resource or to get information about Ethereum, Blockchains, and the method of developing apps with this new technology. Develop, test and implement secure smart contracts using the latest version of the development tools and discover the true purpose and capabilities of these technologies. At the end of the lectures, you will gain the confidence to turn your skills into practical projects.

Important USPs –

  • Great course to start with blockchain applications.
  • Get to know the most important functions from the ground up to the advanced ones.
  • Many programming exercises to improve programming skills and develop innovative apps.
  • Detailed instructions for installing the required software and setting up the environment are provided.
  • Preview of applications and practical examples to understand the concepts.
  • 246 lectures + full access to lifetime + 13 articles
  • The videos and resources are available at nominal prices on Udemy.

Duration: 24 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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